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A federal lawsuit was filed by the estate of Phyllis Schlafly on Wednesday, Oct.19 against the rogue Eagles who opposed Phyllis’s support of Trump right up until Phyllis’s death. 

Also named as defendants are Jane and John Does, 1-5, which would include the people who are secretly financing the rogue Gang of Six board members.

The new lawsuit filed by Schlafly’s estate says that the board members became angry when Schlafly in January 2015 picked Martin to run Eagle Forum, and when Schlafly refused in late 2015 and early 2016 to endorse U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas to be the Republican presidential nominee. Schlafly eventually endorsed Donald Trump. Eagle Trust Fund is also a plaintiff.

“Upon information and belief, from January 2016 to present, Defendants purported to divvy up assets of Mrs. Schlafly (while she was still alive, now belonging to plaintiff Schlafly Trust), and purported to carve up assets managed by the Eagle Trust such as the Schlafly Database, and websites despite actual knowledge that neither the Defendants nor the affiliate Eagle Forum (c)(4) owned or maintained these assets,” the lawsuit states.

The eight-count lawsuit asks for a temporary and permanent injunction enjoining the defendants from using Schlafly’s database and likeness, among other things.

Schlafly’s estate is represented by Jennifer Hoekel of Armstrong Teasdale.

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