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Janet Engelbach, our longtime Missouri Eagle Legislative Director and board member, receives an award in 2016 as the outgoing President of the Missouri Association of Republicans in recognition of her long years of service to the Missouri GOP.

A message from Eagle Forum Education and Legal Defense Fund President, Ed Martin:

Missouri Eagle Forum began in 1970s expressly to follow Phyllis Schlafly's leadership in her efforts to defeat ERA and make America great.  Over the years, our organization was led by great leaders like Elaine Middendorf, Joan Langenberg and others.  We are an independent entity with a board of directors made up of Missourians.  We continue to follow Phyllis Schlafly's direction including her designation as Ed Martin as her successor and that of her sons John and Andy Schlafly.

In 2016, a group of 6 former friends of Phyllis Schlafly announced that they will no longer have anything to do with John and Andy Schlafly and Phyllis' hand-picked successor Ed Martin.  They claim to represent Phyllis and to use the name Eagle Forum.  They are not affiliated with our work in any way.

Missouri 2019 ConCon Activity

Dear Republican Leader,
Many of you may not be aware that in 2017, the Missouri General Assembly (MOGA) passed a resolution (SCR4) calling for an Article V Convention to propose amendments to the U.S. Constitution. This dangerous resolution was brought up and hastily passed in the Missouri House in the last thirty minutes of the legislative session. The entire debate on the floor was less than 15 minutes for a resolution that opens up our U.S. Constitution to revision in these tumultuous times. 
This year Sen. Burlison has introduced SCR 15 which purports to determine the selection of delegates to a potential convention. While Sen. Burlison believes his legislation is a way to control the manner in which  delegates from Missouri are chosen for such an Article V Convention, it is troublesome that he chose to use a concurrent resolution rather than writing SCR 15 in the form of a bill which would then be added to the state statutes. 
We are concerned an amendment will be added to SCR 15 in the last days of the legislative session to remove the five year sunset provision contained in the Article V resolution (SCR4) passed in 2017. Moving a new resolution through the entire legislative process as a hypothetical ‘how Missouri will pick delegates’ plan and adding a major consequential change on the floor or in committee without the opportunity for full and fair debate would change what the members of the MOGA passed in 2017. There are 62 NEW members of the MOGA this year who didn’t vote in 2017 but could have a part in substantial change of SCR4, removing the five year sunset clause. In 2017 there were many members who only voted for SCR4 because it had a five year sunset clause.
We believe a large majority of the Republican Party base opposes an Article V Constitutional convention.  An Article V Convention was resoundingly rejected by the 2016 Republican National Platform Committee. The delegates at the Missouri Republican State Convention in 2016 also overwhelmingly defeated a resolution to call for an Article V convention. This resolution was offered because the Missouri Republican Platform Committee rejected adding a plank to support such a call in the Missouri Republican Platform.
Whether termed a ConCon, a Compact of States, or an Article V Convention, asking Congress to “call a Convention for proposing Amendments” risks opening up our Constitution to unforeseen proposals and revisions.
Some of our most cherished and critical individual liberties are under assault today, including the right to life, our right to robust free speech, our religious liberty, and our Second Amendment rights. We are in a pitched battle to defend these rights that so many now consider archaic and unenlightened. The deep entrenchment of our Constitution—unique among the constitutions of all nations—is its best and strongest defense. Before his death, Antonin Scalia warned this is not the right century to attempt to amend the Constitution.
If you feel the same as we do, please reply to this email. We want to connect the Republican leaders across Missouri who believe it is a dangerous time to open up our Constitution for changes. The problem isn’t with our U.S. Constitution. The problem is too many members of Congress do not follow it.

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Phyllis Schlafly and her successor Ed Martin, President of Phyllis Schlafly Eagles and Chairman of Eagle Forum Education & Legal Defense Fund. 

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The Answer STL

The Heartbeat Bill will protect all children who have a detectable heartbeat — the most defenseless individuals among us. Many states are successfully moving Heartbeat Bills through their legislatures. Longtime Pro-Life leader Janet Porter of Faith 2 Action has worked hard to promote this initiative in the spotlight at both the federal and state level. 

In Missouri, we are working to pass the Heartbeat Bill, HB126 & SB139, to place protections on unborn babies once their heartbeats can be detected. The Heartbeat Bill will save the lives of babies from approximately six weeks, earlier than other proposed pro-Life legislation. 

​Missouri Heartbeat Bill

Jeff Sessions, Ed Martin, & Phyllis Schlafly