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A message from Eagle Forum Education and Legal Defense Fund President, Ed Martin:

Missouri Eagle Forum began in 1970s expressly to follow Phyllis Schlafly's leadership in her efforts to defeat ERA and make America great.  Over the years, our organization was led by great leaders like Elaine Middendorf, Joan Langenberg and others.  We are an independent entity with a board of directors made up of Missourians.  We continue to follow Phyllis Schlafly's direction including her designation as Ed Martin as her successor and that of her sons John and Andy Schlafly.

Recently, a group of 6 former friends of Phyllis Schlafly announced that they will no longer have anything to do with John and Andy Schlafly and Phyllis' hand-picked successor Ed Martin.  They claim to represent Phyllis and to use the name Eagle Forum.  They are not affiliated with our work in any way.


ConCon Alert!!! Calls needed! 

This Tues. April 25, four ConCon bills that have already passed the Missouri Senate will be heard in the House Special Committee on Government Oversight at Noon (CDT) or immediately after the House floor session ends. 

They areSCR4 (HCR5) (for a convention of states COS); as well as other risky ConCon related proposals: SCR9 (HCR13) (WP);  SCR14 (HCR10) (TML); and  SCR21 (Delegate Rules).

Rewriting the U.S. Constitution is a bad idea and NOT conservative. The Missouri Legislature is considering a call for a new Constitutional Convention. Any "Convention of the States" will allow liberals to rewrite our Constitution and eliminate the Second Amendment! Call your State Representative to VOTE NO on an Article V convention or any "compact" with other states. Yes, we need our elected officials to obey the law, but writing new laws will not rein in out-of-control government.

There are NO rules in federal law on a Constitutional Convention. Anything goes! A call has no limits on a Convention's purpose, procedure, agenda, or delegates.

Conservatives should spend time and money electing conservative leaders who will obey the laws; not trying to spend their energies changing our U.S. Constitution.

​Vote NO on ConCon!

Please educate all 13 members of the Missouri House committee (as well as your own representative) and ask them to VOTE NO on SCR4 (HCR5), SCR9 (HCR13), SCR14 (HCR10), SCR21, and any other Article V Convention Applications from Missouri!Legislative Alert -- Opposes all ConCon Proposals including Article V ConCons and Compacts. 

 Jefferson City Capitol Switchboard phone number:
573 751 2000

House Special Committee on Government Oversight members:

Thank you for defending our Constitution!

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Senator Jeff Sessions, Ed Martin, and Phyllis Schlafly

Jeff Sessions, Ed Martin, & Phyllis Schlafly